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What are the challenges they face in financing effective policies? What are the instruments they can use to reduce the environmental footprint of cities, improve air quality and manage waste, ensure sustainable transport and disaster risk management? How can they harness the power of ICT and other innovative technologies and processes? Which governance structures for housing and urban finance showed to be successful?

Who are the key stakeholders in urban and housing finance? How can the integrated and participatory urban planning promote effective use of existing financial resources and leverage new sources of finance? What tools normative frameworks, standards, etc.

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What are the gaps in the availability of reliable data to track and monitor progress and to deliver urban solutions? How can they be addressed? Are they effective? Who is taking the lead in SCP? Are the enablers for SCP — technology, financing, investment, education and awareness-raising, etc. What are the approaches used? Are they effective in supporting SCP? How are the private sector and civil society engaged to bring about behavioural change?

What are the bottlenecks and challenges? What is the way forward? What are the challenges and opportunities? What is the potential contribution of innovation and partnerships? Which innovative practices can support information sharing among different stakeholders to ensure that consumers have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable lifestyle? How can enhanced transparency and traceability of value chains and their environmental, social and health risks contribute to raising knowledge and awareness about sustainable production? How can policymakers meet the target to halve per capita global food waste by ?

How can SFM contribute to and influence energy policies to increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix? How can policymakers enhance SFM to protect and restore water-related ecosystems, reduce the degradation of natural habitats and halt the loss of biodiversity?

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How can policymakers further promote SFM to achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources and encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices? How can SFM support the bio-economy and improve progressively global resource efficiency in consumption and production and endeavour to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation? How can sustainable forest management make cities more resilient? Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Austria A journey through the value chain of wood: the case of Austria.

Are there recent case examples that demonstrate the linkages between biodiversity and healthy ecosystems in terms of providing revenues and jobs, water, agriculture tourism, and other benefits? How can policymakers enhance the integration of ecosystem and biodiversity values into national and subnational planning and development processes, poverty reduction strategies and accounts?

Are there specific examples of successful measures already put in place which could be replicated or scaled up, including measures which target specific economic sectors? What are the most important obstacles and challenges for implementing SDG 15? What are some of the most important changes that are needed to address such challenges?

How to create a sustainable future

Here is what others are saying about Sustainable Governance: Renewing the Search "Too often elected officials and administrators operate in a "small picture . Results 1 - 27 of 27 [READ ONLINE] Sustainable Governance: Renewing the Search by Herbert Marlowe, Lawrence W. Arrington. Book file PDF easily for.

Side events. This session provides guidance on how Member States can strengthen analysis and reporting under SDG17 through integrating national data on volunteerism by: Including qualitative and quantitative data to estimate economic value of volunteering; Demonstrating case studies on voluntary citizen engagement to provide a narrative on social inclusion. Opportunities Vacancies Internship Programme. Resources Statistical Database Evaluations. President of the Economic and Social Council. Introducing social tariffs following an equitable access self-assessment in Portugal.

Water quality in Switzerland — connecting drops at different depths. Optimising water allocation for energy and hydrological extremes in transboundary context.

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Country Small-scale water supplies and sanitation under the Protocol on Water and Health. Stakeholder dialogue on the national strategy for micropollutants. New sewage sludge ordinance reforms sewage sludge utilisation and sustainable phosphorus utilization.

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Top Commitment. The background of establishing our CSR plan and our materiality. Sustainable Value Plan CSR Management. Other CSR Activities.

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On the same subject. It is also about new healthcare models and medical diagnosis and treatments dementia, cancer, diabetes, etc. The lodestar of governance must become the over-arching goal of sustainability: meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The lead partner is the link between the operation, or project, and the programme. Students explore how societal and technological changes redefine the boundaries of and possibilities for sustainable business value creation and innovations. Students of the politics specialisation have the opportunity to specialise in these questions in the context of EU and European politics, EU-Russian relations as well as the political dynamics of Northern Europe and Wider Europe. Show Results.

Domestic and International Appraisals. Sustainability Report Searching from the viewpoints of CSR. Data and Information Management Performance. Contact Sustainability. Related Information. Corporate Philosophy Enhancing the quality of life of people worldwide—An introduction of our corporate philosophy.