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It's the same in the Far East. A lot of times in these countries, we see people singing along, and they don't really know what the words mean. Fortunately at the same time, changes were occurring within Toastmasters that opened up the way for Districts to be formed outside North America. So the Convention at Surfers Paradise was the final meeting of the Toastmasters Council of Australia before Districts 69 and 70 were formed.

District 69 covered Australia north of the 30th parallel in effect Queensland and Northern NSW and District 70 covered the rest of Australia south of the 30th parallel. At the time of their formation in , District 70 had 45 Clubs and District 69 had 32 Clubs.

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Area was established to cover Clubs on the North Shore. Distance was still a problem in District administration, particularly in the years - when District Governors were elected from Launceston, Newcastle and Melbourne respectively. Available funds were limited and tended to get swallowed up in travel so that District 70 was not able to give the same assistance to clubs as that which is available today.

As the District Executive could not meet regularly in the early 70's, the host Club undertook all arrangements for the Annual Conference. An example of this was the organisation of the first District 70 Conference held at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba in May This Conference was organised entirely by host Club Parramatta and set many of the precedents adopted in the following Conferences.

In those days the speech length was 3 minutes and Clubs entered their contestants directly into the Conference Humorous Speech Contest, which was held on the Friday evening, often before a small audience. Because Parramatta were the current Club Champions as well as Conference hosts, Parramatta was chosen to be the 2nd Australian town featured on the front cover of The Toastmaster magazine as "Town of the Month", being the November issue.

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Before , Toastmasters was all male so the Katoomba Conference had special ladies activities for members' wives. However some ladies were determined to find their way into Toastmasters ranks so some members names appeared as B.

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Smith on the records before Toastmasters International allowed women to become members. Clubs still had to amend their By-Laws to permit women members to join after , While many Clubs changed in the next 10 years and all new Clubs formed after were mixed, it took 20 years before all the male only Clubs finally made the change to admit women. In the period - Club growth in NSW was steady but not spectacular.

All of the new Club growth was in Sydney except for Woden Valley, which chartered in and was the first of many Clubs that now exist in Canberra. Henry Parkes was a country Club formed in but it folded ten years later. In the Southern States Club growth was also continuing steadily with 15 new charters granted in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia between and This growth added to the geographical problems of a District that extended from Sydney to Perth.

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So moves were initiated in the mid 's to establish the Southern States Division as a separate District. At the same time, representations were made to the Board of Directors to permit a representative of the Australasian Districts to enter the International Speech Contest. The proposal was that the Districts would organise an Inter-District Speech Contest to select a single representative and meet all costs.

The Board of Directors responded favourably to these proposals. They agreed to send International President George C. The period from to was one of consolidation for the new District District officers were becoming more visible and the District Governor and Educational and Administrative Lt. District Speechcraft was commenced in and this provided the District with a source of income additional to that received from Toastmasters International out of membership fees.

These extra funds were used to establish the District Supplies Office and to send the District Governor to the International Convention. The Supplies Office, which was taken over by Ray Toyer in , also became a source of funds for District Prior to this, Clubs had to order supplies from the United States and endure long delays and customs problems.

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Among the many goals set by the District Executive was that of achieving the status of Distinguished District. One early obstacle in the achievement of Distinguished District was that many Clubs were late in paying their Semi-Annual dues direct to Toastmasters International. Much time was spent chasing wayward Clubs. The problem of late payment of dues was solved by the introduction of local collection that was carried out initially by the District Secretary. A Staff Officer was appointed later which enabled the District to closely monitor this aspect.

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The next obstacle in reaching Distinguished District level was in achieving the required goal in the number of Able Toastmasters and so demonstrating that District 70 Clubs were effective in providing advanced speaking opportunities. This required greater awareness and promotion of the whole Toastmasters education program. Educational sessions were introduced at Semi-Annual Conferences and the District Executive took over the organisation and presentation of the sessions at Annual Conferences.

This facilitated the communication of the whole Toastmasters program at all levels of the organisation, as well as helping to identify and encourage the keener members of Clubs, Areas and Divisions for future District involvement. This was a public relations venture undertaken in conjunction with District It was launched in District 70 in and ran for five years.

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Each year nearly people entered both the Youth and Adult sections. In District 70 consisted of 61 Clubs in 3 Divisions and 13 Areas and the District was poised for a period of great growth. At that time District 70 had 49 Clubs and 90 Clubs was then considered more of a dream than a realistic goal.

However, the slogan "90 by " was enthusiastically adopted and rapid growth occurred throughout the District. The most spectacular expansion occurred in Canberra between and , in Newcastle and the North from to and steadily in the Sydney CBD. The massive new Club growth resulted in the establishment of Central Division in , Monaro Division in and Hawkesbury Division in The number of Areas increased to The result of all this activity was that the 90 Club goal was reached late in By mid the District had grown to Clubs and when finally arrived there were Clubs!

The achievement of Distinguished District in was not just a matter of status for District 70 in the world of Toastmasters International. Many more Staff Officers were appointed to handle specialist and administrative roles. This allowed the senior District Officers to spend more time coordinating and administering the District Executive and to attend the many Area and Division Contests and Training Sessions that were being held. The Down Under Conventions continued as an unofficial Regional style get together and Speech Contest to decide which contestant would participate in the World Championship of Public Speaking from the Australasian Districts, Districts 69, 70, 72 and These Conventions rotated amongst the 4 Districts.

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Archived from the original on 10 January This last mentioned has become the most significant change in my experience over the last 30 years. Emirates first-class passengers are also eligible for access to the Qantas first lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. Participation rates in the crucial to age bracket have dropped from almost 6 per cent to less than 2 per cent. This was the first time in the District's history that at least one Division did not spread across this natural boundary. What this suggests is that councils are under pressure to find funding to invest in the community — and golf is in the firing line.

Every 4th year when the Convention was hosted by District 70, the International President attended since the Sydney Convention was always the largest and most prestigious of these Conventions. The District 70 Governor had been attending International Conventions in the United States since and it became common for many other District 70 Toastmasters to attend as well.

This gave support to the Down Under contestants in the International Speech Contest Finals and also made the votes of the Australian Districts important in International Convention elections. District 70 was a force to be recognised! With the establishment, consolidation and structuring behind it, District 70 in the 's began to match the top North American Districts in overall performance, although they had been existence over 30 years earlier.

The achievement of minimum goals for Distinguished District became an accepted standard and higher recognition naturally beckoned. The next few years were to be the "golden years" for the District. Both members came from Parramatta Club. This is presented to the 3 Districts with the highest percentage of Clubs over Charter strength. District 70 was an initial winner of the award in , receiving it again in , , and when the District was rated No. That was the year that the District reached its all time peak in TI's two membership criteria of average members per Club 25 and percentage of Clubs at Charter strength Because of its growth, District 70 moved into the top 15 Districts in size in this period. The other Districts outside North America, many of whom in turn had major growth spurts and successes in the s, closely copied the culture and ideas pioneered in District The early 90s were steady years of achievement and growth, although some of the team cohesion that had been a feature of the previous years started to disappear.

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For the 5 years - , District 70 was a Distinguished District each year and the Club numbers rose steadily to reach in mid This led to the creation of Phillip Division in , at which time the number of Areas increased to District Sunday Seminars had also started in and in the next few years were very well attended. As attendances fell, a Speakers Showcase was added in The combination of Seminar and Showcase has continued in most years since, being held throughout at the Bankstown Sports Club.

In , the District moved into the group of Top Ten Districts by size. In there were 2 special events of note. On the weekend of 5th to 7th February, Nigel Bryan, a member of St. He did this by setting a new world record for the longest after dinner speech, speaking for 50 hours 40 minutes to an audience that at all times included at least 10 people who attended the opening meal function.

In this case it was a formal breakfast. They attended a round of functions in a busy four day period.