All Things Herriot: James Herriot and His Peaceable Kingdom

Modest veterinarian, beloved author
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Easily fits in the busy vet tech's pocket, for ease of access and formatted to find facts quickly. Easy-to-read charts and tables provide quick access to key information that you'll commonly use but rarely memorize. Spiral binding allows you to lay the book flat or keep it open to a page for quick reference. Current drug information covers the newest pharmacologic agents, ensuring that you are up to date with uses, adverse side effects, and dosage forms.

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Updated images prepare you to perform routine procedures. In addition to his day job in the Gloucestershire countryside treating cows, dogs, pigs and cats, he's also worked with an astonishing range of species around the world, including crocodiles, rhinos and pandas.

In this charming collection he introduces us to some of his favourite patients, ranging from beloved family pets through to magnificent creatures of the wild. Whether microchipping armadillos, anaesthetising giraffes or birthing a calf, Jonathan's love for his work and the entire animal kingdom is infectious. From the preposterous castrating a sugar glider to the poignant encountering victims of rhino poaching , the stories in The Travelling Vet will delight and enthral every animal lover.

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Andrew Gardiner is an experienced vet, and the ideal guide to the practical solutions that anyone can carry out at home to help keep their cat fit and well. Cats can seem as varied and complex as people, and modern veterinary medicine has a much improved knowledge of cats' bodies, with very specific approaches to their health problems. This revised and updated edition of A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid will inform and educate any cat owner how better to provide for their companion's health.

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This question has plagued several professional generations of politicians, policymakers, experts and campaigners since the early s. Questions of what is known, who knows, who cares, who to trust and what to do about this complex problem have been the source of scientific, policy, and increasingly vociferous public debate ever since.

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This book integrates contemporary history, science and technology studies, human-animal relations, and policy research to conduct a cross-cutting analysis. It explores the worldviews of those involved with animal health, disease ecology and badger protection between the s and s, before reintegrating them to investigate the recent public polarisation of the controversy. Finally it asks how we might move beyond the current impasse. The second volume continues the series of Piglet Nutrition Notes by providing even more practical information regarding commercial piglet formulas, feeding practices, feed manufacturing, and additives.

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He is thus able to provide a more integrated anthropological account of beliefs and practices that have survived from pre-colonial to postcolonial times, describing them in their own terms rather than presenting them as a refl ex of modernity or reaction to colonialism, or as a consequence of neoliberalism or other social, political, economic or historical factors. Though he is dedicated, Dr.

Herriot is not driven. He can relax as completely as any dog or horse that has done its daily stint. Eaoh time the author brings him a patient, Dr. Bennett saves it without raising a sweat, then half kills Dr. Herriot with his prodigal hospitality. Carmody, tall, handsome, graceful, brilliant and rich, is a student assigned to the author for field experience, and he is so obviously a superior being in the inimitable English manner that both Dr.

Herriot and the reader are unmaliciously pleased to see him grappling, in his flannels and hacking jacket, with a pen full of pigs. The author does not confine himself to happy endings. There is the young steelworker who wanted to get out of the mills and into the sweet country air. He learned farming as if he had been born to it but was struck down by fate when his animals died of an incurable disease. And there is the Darrowby show, the annual agricultural fair which brings out the competitive and unscrupulous side of some animal lovers. A beautiful blonde tries to charm Dr.

Herriot into accepting her horse when he has far outgrown his class.