1920, Shots Fired, Officer Down

Deputy responded to report of shots fired
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Charles and his wife Jane, held a number of properties in Allanburg and Port Robinson, including for a time, a small farm in Allanburg where they lived in a small framed house, identifying themselves with the Church of England. In Port Robinson, around the same time, he also purchased some crown land and held property that was well known to have a variety of fruit trees. William Townsend, also known as Robert McHenry, was well known as a minstrel show performer, was an excellent mimic of accents and disguises and often travelled from town to town, sometimes as a ship hand travelling the canal and water picking up odd jobs but he was also and foremost known as the principal member of the notorious Townsend Gang or the Cayuga Gang.

After the robbery, Mr. Gainer tried to locate the local magistrate but he was not at home. The news of the robbery travelled very quickly to Port Robinson. Upon learning of the robbery and that William Townsend was eating at the Jordan Hotel, Constable Charles Richards crossed the street from his own hotel and attended the Jordan Hotel to observe Townsend while he ate dinner.

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  • Deputy responded to report of shots fired.

When Townsend went to leave, Charles Richards, in the execution of his duties as Constable, approached him, placed his hand on his shoulder and affected the arrest telling him that he was taking him prisoner. Witnesses would recall that Townsend told Richards three times to remove his hand, but Richards, focused on his duties as Constable would not relent. Townsend pulled out a revolver and shot Charles Richards in the head before a room full of witnesses and in the chaos fled the village on foot.

Chicago Police Department, Illinois, Fallen Officers

McPherson attended the mortally wounded Constable and reported that Richards lived about an hour after his arrival. He was 42 years and 14 days old. Charles Richards was buried in St. William Townsend was later found, arrested and tried for the murder of Constable Charles Richards in the spring of Strangely, at a previous trial for the murder of a Mr.

John Nelles, the same accused was acquitted of the crime for the same reason. At the age of twenty-one he decided to travel to Canada, the land of opportunity, and make his life there. His brother and sister soon moved west to British Columbia with their young families, while he remained in Ontario.

Joseph continued his employment with the Imperial Bank for a number of years and was an active member of the community. Shortly after his thirty-third birthday Joseph Trueman decided to become a police officer, so he joined the Welland Police Department. In September of he moved to the nearby town of Thorold, Ontario and became a member of the police force there.

Described as gracious, kind and thoughtful, Joseph Trueman had a smile and kindly greeting whenever one met him on the street.

1920, Shots Fired, Officer Down

He was a likable, warmhearted, Irishman, who prided himself in a job well done, overlooking no duty. In the early morning hours of Sunday, December 17th , while alone in town on foot patrol, thirty-five year old Joseph Trueman was confronted by a known bootlegger and was shot to death. As a result of his strong sense of duty, Joseph Trueman ultimately and tragically made the supreme sacrifice and gave his life enforcing the rule of law to protect society from the evils of violence and crime.

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Honolulu Motorcycle Police Officer Stan Cook, during a traffic stop, is confronted by a driver high on crystal meth and a AK assault rifle. The outcome is a. peyflexirtire.ml - Buy , Shots Fired, Officer Down: The Whole Story book online at best prices in India on peyflexirtire.ml Read , Shots Fired, Officer Down: The.

At the time of his death, Constable Trueman was engaged to married. Crowland Township later becomes part of the City of Welland. Here, Constable McNicoll quickly established a reputation as a courteous and fearless officer and was esteemed by his fellow officers. On Tuesday September 2 at approximately 8 p. He was talking to Customs and Excise Officer George Spencer when an emergency call was received to a Sixth Street residence reporting a gun being fired.

Constable McNicoll immediately rushed to the scene in a car driven by Spencer.

Residents say gunshot shattered a window in their Enon Beach trailer.

Arriving at the scene moments later, Constable McNicoll approached the house while Spencer parked his car. As Constable McNicoll arrived at the steps leading to a glass enclosed verandah at the front of the residence, a 45 year old man inside and hidden from sight, rose up pointing a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun at Constable McNicoll.

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Without warning, the man fired the gun at Constable McNicoll striking the officer in the head. McNicoll never had a chance to draw his service revolver. He died instantly from a single shotgun wound to the head. A year-old and a year-old girl playing across the street from this residence suffered minor shotgun pellet wounds to their legs. Constable James Albert McNicoll was 27 years old at the time of his death. He left behind his wife and four children ranging in ages from 18 months old to 7 years old. The suspect was arrested for the murder of Constable McNicoll.

Following a trial, an appeal and second trial, the accused was sentenced to death by hanging.

Ontario Police Memorial

On Friday May 15 at a. On March 31st , Dennis J. The young officer was married and the father to two young children. On Saturday, February 3rd , just shy of completing his fourth year of service as a police officer, Constable Winstanley was killed in the performance of his duties after he was run down by a motorist. Constable Winstanley had stopped a vehicle on Garner Road in the city of Niagara Falls for a routine traffic investigation. While standing beside his cruiser, interviewing the driver of the stopped vehicle, Constable Winstanley was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.

Through the efforts and alertness of three of the deceased's fellow officers, the suspect driver was apprehended in the vehicle about a kilometer and a half from the scene. The male driver was arrested and later charged with impaired driving related offences. Constable Winstanley was described by then Chief J. Cunningham, as being a quiet, unassuming, talented, and conscientious officer, well liked by the public and his fellow officers; but above all, a good husband and a loving father. Dennis was survived by his loving wife, Audrey Ruth Winstanley and his two children Judith and Kevin.

Aside from police work, Dennis Winstanley was very proficient in auto mechanics as well as woodworking and was involved in set design and construction in the local theatre and was also keenly interested in auto racing. His untimely death left a gaping void, in his own home, his community and in the police department to which he belonged.

Catharines and then later out of the detachment in Fort Erie, Ontario.

Near-Fatal Shooting Caught On Police Officer's Body Cam - Body Cam

He was twenty-three years old and resided with his parents in the Town of Fort Erie. On May 2nd , while working the evening shift in Fort Erie, Luciano was dispatched to the City of Niagara Falls in response to other police officers needing assistance with a major disturbance on Queen Street in the downtown area of that city. In all, 30 people died within fifteen hours on that fateful day in Dublin. The assassinations of the British Intelligence officers virtually crippled the intelligence operations of Dublin Castle. Bloody Sunday also marked an emotional turning-point in the War of Independence and has gone down as a central event in nationalist history.

Although thousands were in attendance at Croke Park that day, the exact events which led to the killings have never been conclusively proven, with each side contradicting the other. The only public statement issued by the authorities was one hurriedly drafted by Dublin Castle, blaming the IRA for shooting at Crown forces when they arrived to raid Croke Park. No authoritative account from the British side had ever been published.

Now, after almost 83 years, the official British record of a military inquiry, known to have been carried out in lieu of an inquest on the fourteen Irish fatalities but held in camera, has recently become available in the British Public Record Office at Kew.

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A coroner's jury ruled that Special Officer Kennedy was likely knocked off the bridge by a passing train. He was pursuing a car used by a gang wanted for robbing banks and businesses on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri state line in the Kansas City area. I observed three of them turning backward as they ran and discharging revolvers in our direction. The Court found that the fatal shot was fired by a soldier in the execution of his duty. He is buried in Bluebell Cemetery Dublin. Carver took cover in a hedgerow and awaited the suspect's return. Bullock joined with an accomplice and robbed the Eudora bank again on November 12,

It finally enables rival accounts to be compared. The file contains the proceedings of the military inquiry held at some time before 8 December , and probably at military headquarters, Parkgate, Dublin. The documents now released contain no date or precise location. The inquiry was held in camera under the Defence of the Realm Act. The personnel of the three-man inquiry were Major R. Bunbury, president, Lieutenant S. Winterbottom of the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers and Lieutenant B. Key of the 2nd Worcester Regiment.

There are two different versions of the proceedings; one is handwritten and the other typed, but the contents are practically identical.

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